Managing the HR Function with HRMS Malaysia Solution

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Management of human resource in different firms is seen in a different way. Some forms view HR as a task of administration that requires being done. As early as the 1960s, the HR Malaysia department was termed as a record-keeping function that was doing payroll Malaysia tasks for the company and organizing picnics.

Nevertheless, as a result of the increasing workforce management issues and increased complexities of the HR software, top-level management realized that the role is not only important but also critical to business. Terms like complex psychometric tests, organizational behaviour, feedback forms, fingerprint time attendance, and having structures and policies in place are very crucial in the current business environment.

Since many companies desire forming an HR system Malaysia as a strategic partner of the business in the firm, to have a definitive say in meetings, and add value to the business by providing changes to policies and the management of the firm. Many firms view the payroll system Malaysia as a potential game changer as it has a definite role in strategic plans.

For the HR to take the Malaysia software system’s role, it has to start by identifying both short-term and long-term business processes and needs for the company. Therefore, firms find the need of managing their daily activities more efficient for channelizing their wealth and resources to strategic HR aspects.

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This often happens when companies stare at implementing an HR software Malaysia to help in managing their complex procedures. Nevertheless, firms need to start by doing an in-depth assessment of whether they really require the HRMS Malaysia system. Aspects of the amount of paperwork are quite cumbersome, keeping records and the increased need of running reports, and the need of being assessed.

Putting into consideration web-based HR software seems to be the best option, especially for small businesses that want a cost-effective and integrated solution. With the help of this solution, employees can view their attendance records, pending leaves, benefits, claims, and other features through Malaysia fingerprint times attendance system that comes with HRMS software.


A lot of HRMS systems possess the option of several user licenses that provide particular access to distinct users based on their function and role in the company. For instance, the HR manager will have complete access to all records of employees while employees can only access their documents, and each departmental manager will only access documents that are for his department.

Even though the company might have only one hundred employees, this HR software would be crucial in streamlining the whole HR lifecycle from training, to recruiting to payroll management. It helps in increasing efficiency, limiting payroll errors, and empowering employees to focus on strategic HR aspects.

The right time attendance system needs to be secure, user-friendly, and have various modules that cover the whole lifecycle of HR. it needs to be flexible during implementation and compliant with databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or open database platforms. This will allow for increased integration with other applications as needed. Procuring a comprehensive Malaysia payroll system will add value and provide efficiency to the function of the HR department.


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