Experience the Un-spoilt Forest Landscapes, Pristine Beaches and the Wilderness Adventures of Borneo

Borneo in an excellent Island that offers beautiful beaches and diverse scenery for any person who wishes to spend his holiday there. You can share this Island with Indonesia and Brunei, Malaysia which is a tiny sovereign state. Holidays tour with Borneo Orangutan which is the most beloved wildlife species all over the world. Borneo is split between the two states of Sabah and Sarawak and welcomes aspiring botanists and zoologists, adventurers, and beach lovers due to its landscapes that are exceptional.

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There are only two destinations where you can still find the Orangutans living in the wild and Borneo is one of them. You can easily trace these regal creatures at one of the rehabilitation centers because they reside there in a semi-wild

Borneo holidays travel tour trip is an excellent destination for a person who is looking for a wildlife adventure opportunity and follow it with an excellent beach experience. You can head in the northern direction and tour the Sukau Rainforest wilds that are split by the winding river Kinabatangan and get an opportunity to lodge at a jungle lodge.

Borneo holidays can also allow you to explore the fabulous Mulu Caves which are a part of the Gunung Mulu National Park located in the Sarawak State. In case you would like to get a rewarding challenge when on the holiday, you may decide to climb the great Kota Kinabalu mountain which is a two-night adventure from the renowned Kinabalu.

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One question you could be asking is when is the best time for visiting Borneo. The first thing visitors need to understand is that Malaysia experiences the tropical climate throughout the year. However, the weather conditions can vary greatly between the west and east. Borneo will remain sunny and hot throughout the year and tends to experience high rain falls from November to January.

The mystical Borneo is a great treasure trove of cultural and natural delight from the dense forests home to the indigenous and rare animals and the Mount Borneo Kinabalu towering summit to the varied tribes that have very strong spiritual linkages with the rainforest. The destination is ideal for exotic beach holidays and Malaysia Borneo will offer you heavenly un-spoilt beaches, diverse scenery, and inspiring sight-seeing.

Some of the fabulous Borneo resorts include the great Shangri-Las Tanjung Aru Spa and Resort, that is situated in the state of Sabah in the northern section. This location is a very easy distance in the Kota Kinabalu state. This city functions as a gateway to the magnificent scenery of the region and most people affectionately refer to it as KK. The city is a foodie paradise and boasts a seemingly endless list of hawker stalls and restaurants. You can get to this city within 20 minutes by using a speedboat transfer from the national park of Tunku Abdul Rahman and Palau Gaya. This national park and Palau Gaya is home to the luxurious beachfront property that is known as Gaya Island Resort. Therefore, Borneo offers a mixture of experience to the traveler. Borneo holidays offers one of the best experiences of travelers from all over the world. For more information, find the best travel agency in Kota Kinabalu for the local tour tourism package.

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